Monday, 22 October 2012

Pudina( Mint) Biryani


2 cups Basmati Rice
1 cup Mixed Vegetable (potato, carrot, green peas)
1 Finely Chopped Green capsicum
2 Finely Chopped Onion
2 Cinnamon (dalchini)
4 Cloves (laung)
2 elaichi
1 tbs jeera
2 tbs Biryani masala
4 tbsp Vegetable Oil
3 tbs cashew nuts
Salt to taste

For Pudina paste

1 bunch Pudina leaves
3 Green chili
4 Garlic
1 teaspoon Lemon juice
½ tbs Salt

Method :
For Pudina paste
Wash the 1 bunch Pudina leaves with water and add Pudina leaves,3 green chili, 4 garlic slice 1 tea spoon lemon juice and ½ tbs salt and make smooth paste
Wash basmati rice well and sock for ½ hrs. Heat 4 tbs oil in  pressure cooker and add1tbs Jeera , 2 Cinnamon(dalchini),4 Cloves (laung),2 elaichi, 2 finely chopped onion and pinch of salt, cook it till onion turn slightly brown, than add 1 finely chopped capsicum and add 1 cup Mixed Vegetable (potato, carrot, green peas) and Pudina paste and mix it well. After that add 2 cups Basmati Rice and add  1 ½  cups water, 2 tbs cashew nuts ,salt to test and close the lid and cook for 3 vissel. Serve this Mint biryani in a serving dish and garnish with remain cashew nuts, Pudina leaves and coriander leaves. Serve the biryani with curd .