Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bajri Na Rotla


1 cup Bajri flour (Millet Flour)
Salt to taste
Warm water


Traditionally rotlas are cooked on a clay pan. Preheat a clay pan for 10 minutes on low flame.

Mix salt and Bajri flour. Now add a little water at a time and kneed into firm dough. Add water as needed. The dough should be soft enough. Now wet your palm and place a medium size ball of dough in between your palms. Gently press and flatten the ball. Keep flattening it as if you are clapping your hands gently. You will have to keep your palms wet so that the dough doesn't stick to your palms. Keep on expanding rotla this way until you get it of your desired thickness.

Place it slowly on hot clay tawa(also called Tavdi). Take care that there should not be any air between, tavdi and rotla .Cook on low flame for about a minute and then gently flip it over to cook the other side. Turn the heat to medium high while cooking the other side for another minute. Now turn again and cook the other side until fully cooked. take it off from tavdi and spread Ghee on it. Serve Hot with Ringan no olo.


  1. this was our breakfast every day in winter with loads of ghee, when we were kids.

  2. Delicious and healthy roti, Love to master it, I can't make perfectly.


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