Friday, 23 August 2013

" Janmashtami" special Sweets and Snacks recipes

Krishna was the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Based on spiritual details and astrological calculations the date of Krishna's birth, known as Janmashtami. It is celebrated in the August/September months, on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksh. People fast on this day,they spend the day immersed in Shri Krishna's glory by reading, reciting and singing his divine leela especially in the evening in Temples. At midnight, the Lord's birth hour, arti is performed. He is also installed in the form of 'Lalji' (child form) in a swing and devotionally offered many sumptuous food dishes. 'Makhan' (butter) is especially included.After arti, devotees jubilantly sing and hail kirtans extolling the Lord's incarnation:

"Nand gher anand bhayo, Jai Kanaiyalal ki .. 
Hathi, ghoda, palkhi, jai Kanaiyalal ki …"
"Bawa Nand tane darbar, nobat vaage re lol …
Hari pragatya taaranhaar, nobat vaage re lol…"

Here are my " Janmashtami" special recipes.

Churma Laddo

Chocolate Sandwich
Dry Kachori

Dudhi Halwa

Sngoda Kheer

kaju anjir roll

pavha no kevado

Peanut Burfi
Satpadi puri

Tikha Gadhiya

Vermiceli Kheer